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Whilst we had the area covered off he managed to sneak out of the address very quickly whilst under the cover of dark," he said. "[Officers] were probably in the process of retreating from the area to get it better contained, waiting for the Special Operations Group to attend. "It's a high-risk operation, we did the risk assessment, and this can happen on a day-to-day basis. We certainly had the resources but they weren't expecting this offender to be armed and fire at police." "We're not just going to rush into an address when a person's firing shots at us, we did contain the area. "We were mindful that there is a clandestine laboratory in there as well, which actually heightens the risk to our members and the neighbours. "So we had to make sure that it was safe for us to enter into the address without exposure to our members of chemicals and other types of contaminants." The Age Police are searching for Nghi Le after the St Albans raid Mr Fontana said Operation Seadragon began in October last year and was targeting an ice syndicate with links to south-east Asia. "This is quite significant, we're talking about large commercial quantities of methamphetamines that have been manufactured and distributed," Mr Fontana said. "Earlier on today the drug taskforce started the execution of 10 warrants in the north-west suburbs of Melbourne. "During medical doctor home loan Oak Laurel the execution of one of those warrants, they attended an address in Levenia Street in St Albans ... it's alleged that the male occupant of that house fired a number of shots at police, our investigators returned fire and retreated to a safe area. "During that period the offender, who we allege is Nghi Le, decamped from the premises." A four-hour siege followed, with Special Operations Group officers surrounding the house, believing Mr Le was inside, shutting down the local area and sending a nearby school into lock-down.